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David Clark
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David Clark These guys came through the house venue that my close friend Pierce runs, and they really put on a show. This EP is another refreshing addition the the Melodic Hardcore/Metalcore genre, and I hope to see them gain some ground in the future. Favorite track: Wanderer.
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released December 5, 2014

All music written and performed by Keepsake

Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Christian Matuté at MatutéoStudios

Drums recorded by Michael Sahm at Dream Awake Audio

Art design and layout by Richard Vanderstelt



all rights reserved


Keepsake Las Vegas, Nevada

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Track Name: False Heart
I’ve come to see that you’re just rotting away.
Making excuses to be numb another day.
Your days are counted & I’m waiting on the one when you fail.
This useless excuse of a life will be your hell.
It’s not that lifee was hard on you; you had it easy at worst.
The problem is that you can’t enjoy what you don’t work for.
You faked a smile long enough for your demons
to make a home in your heart.
Track Name: Youth Debt
It’s apparent that everything exposed to me
was created to make me think I’m weak.
Since day one I was damned to live
in a worldthat I hate, in a nation of snakes.
It’s sad to see all the restless minds in the “land of the free”
& all the joys in the world, the shepherd will reap.
Scraping by while your pockets are picked.
They know they’ll get away with it.
Now you’re just a slave,
you gave your life away for false security.
There is no second chance.
Cursed since the day I was given this life.
Blind minds raised a youth to pay the price.
Track Name: Wanderer
Lying awake, I think of where I’ve been
& what I’ve said. It’s led me here.
Wandering on the path I've struggled with since the beginning.
Trying to persevere!
To find out if the light was still shining.
I deserve to be happy, but I’m bound to my insecurities.
I’ve seen death too many times & now I know
that I was created to expire.
Can’t keep a hold onto the things that mean the most to me.
I try so hard but I always leave unsatisfied.
The light was still shining.
My insecurities no longer have a hold on me.
I’ve broken free from everything
that tried to keep me from finding peace.
Why am I searching for enlightenment?
Will I ever find my way back home?
Consciousness has kept me alive but alone.
I am so lost in this world
but I have the whole world to see.
I’m discovering the beauty in believing.
Track Name: Confinement
It’s so hard seeing you run from what makes you who you are.
Turning to those who claim to know it all
but they don’t know what’s best for you,
they haven’t got the slightest clue.
I just want you to see that I found something to live for.
Do not confine me within these lies.
I just want to show you that I’m alive.
Do not confine me within a wasted life.
Don’t put your faith in fools.
No gods or kings can tell you right from wrong.
You wake up just to see that they’ve been dead all along.
You will never see what I’ve been through
or the struggles that shaped me.
Don’t tell me I’m headed nowhere
when you’re the one stuck in a rut.
Everyone knows that burdens will never fade.
You look to the sky searching for answers
but in the end it just stays the same.
If you’re right about all the things you say
then I’m damned to hell & I’m taking you with me.
Track Name: The Scarlett Carson
I always knew that you’d go someday.
I convinced myself I was ready for the pain,
but the days don’t pass when you don’t cross my mind.
The sting I feel only reminds me I’m running out of time.
I wish I could say I knew you more
but the stories help me understand.
Provider of life for your family
& taught my father how to be a man.
I watched the disease invade the life in you
like a flower withering away.
The thought of death blackened every color of every day.
I’m glad I didn’t see the end
because I don’t know how I would cope
with you seeing you go under the earth.
You’ll be the light that shines through my eyes.
Maybe we can meet again if there is this afterlife.
No more suffering. No more pain. You are free.
Track Name: Recovery
I think back to when I said I wasn’t worth anything.
How did I let myself get so low?
Life’s never felt so slow.
I’ll admit that sometimes I can’t stand my own reflection.
Insecure injections.
I never asked for this life
but I’ll take it with the strength I find.
I have the choice to be
the change I want to see.
Constantly reminding myself to either
live for something or die for nothing.
Can’t sit back & watch time pass me by.
I made the choice.
Broke down but I recovered my life.
Holding on to these days,
searching for a path to a better me.
Take this with pride that you can be
someone worth being.