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Lying awake, I think of where I’ve been
& what I’ve said. It’s led me here.
Wandering on the path I've struggled with since the beginning.
Trying to persevere!
To find out if the light was still shining.
I deserve to be happy, but I’m bound to my insecurities.
I’ve seen death too many times & now I know
that I was created to expire.
Can’t keep a hold onto the things that mean the most to me.
I try so hard but I always leave unsatisfied.
The light was still shining.
My insecurities no longer have a hold on me.
I’ve broken free from everything
that tried to keep me from finding peace.
Why am I searching for enlightenment?
Will I ever find my way back home?
Consciousness has kept me alive but alone.
I am so lost in this world
but I have the whole world to see.
I’m discovering the beauty in believing.


from Wanderer, released December 5, 2014



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Keepsake Las Vegas, Nevada

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