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It’s so hard seeing you run from what makes you who you are.
Turning to those who claim to know it all
but they don’t know what’s best for you,
they haven’t got the slightest clue.
I just want you to see that I found something to live for.
Do not confine me within these lies.
I just want to show you that I’m alive.
Do not confine me within a wasted life.
Don’t put your faith in fools.
No gods or kings can tell you right from wrong.
You wake up just to see that they’ve been dead all along.
You will never see what I’ve been through
or the struggles that shaped me.
Don’t tell me I’m headed nowhere
when you’re the one stuck in a rut.
Everyone knows that burdens will never fade.
You look to the sky searching for answers
but in the end it just stays the same.
If you’re right about all the things you say
then I’m damned to hell & I’m taking you with me.


from Wanderer, released December 5, 2014



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Keepsake Las Vegas, Nevada

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